New-H ® night

New-H ® night

New-H ® – powerful antioxidant for cell protection and cell activity

Active hydrogen stabilised in colloidal microcluster mineral complex (food supplement – suitable for vegans)

New-H ® day  in the morning and during the day – with stimulating potassium
New-H ® night  in the evening and at night – with calming magnesium

Negatively-charged hydrogen ions (H ions) are the smallest (low molecular weight i.e. able to penetrate cell walls) yet most powerful antioxidants (approx. -710mV) available in the world. H-minus ions occur predominantly in fresh fruit and vergetables as well as in fresh spring water. They are extremely volatile and reactive, which is why they are often not available to us to sufficient degree.

New-H ®  has an extraordinary high porportion of hydride (H) ions, stabilised in colloidal microclusters.

New-H ® was developed to boost and/or improve:

  • antioxidant potential through H- ions (negatively-charged hydrogen ions)
  • cell protection through the neutralisation of free radicals
  • regeneration of vitamins and weaker antioxidant substances
  • energy production in the cells (Adenosine triphosphate metabolism: ATP process)
  • energy level
  • bioterrain – acid-base balance
  • cell communication
  • nutrient intake in the body

Antioxidants such as vitamins, secondary plant substances [polyphenols] or protein precursors such als glutathione are natural “rust guards” and protect all organisms in nature from attacks by free radicals – aggressive, reactive and harmful molecules that arise through stress, poor diet, environmental toxins als well as waste products from most metabolic processes (respiration/oxidation) in the human body. Scientists believe there are up to 10,000 such oxidative processes per cell daily.

New-H ®  works in a similar fashion to the body’s own vital substance (or those typical in food) such as NADH, glutathion or Q-10 and functions as an extremely strong “radical scavenger”. Not only can its great antioxidant power neutralise free radicals directly, but it can also protect and recycle vitamins and other weaker antioxidants that have been damaged by radicals. They can then go back to performing their actual original function for the body.

New-H ® has  and has the highest redox potential (ORP) of appros. -710mV.

The redox potential describes antioxidant strength and calculates the driving force of a substance
Take electrons (≈ Oxidising power with plus (+) sign) or
Give up electrons (≈ Reducing power with minus (-) sign).

The diagram shows:
New-H ® (approx. -710mV) has an antioxdiant power that is more than twice as strong as NADH (approx. -320mV) and about 99x stronger than Vitamin C (approx. +80mV).

(Graphic: Redox values of comparable substances are taken from general literature)

Use of New-H ®

New-H ® is particularly recommended:

  • to boost and supplement food daily
  • for a lack of energy and fatigue
  • for increased physical and mental performance as well as sport
  • to counteract a one-sided, excessively acidic diet
  • for smokers and increased environmental contamination
  • for treatments and diets

Due to its unique properties, New-H ® can be used both in the nutrition/dietary field as well as the medical field, in particular with indications relating to a lack of hydrogen or electronsas well as deficient cell energy.

Recommended intake:

Daily in the evening 2 capsules with plenty of good-quality water. For cases of high oxidative load as well as after sporting activities take another 2 capsules at night.

Content of New-H ® night

Contents per container: 60 capsules (42 g)


Magnesium citrate (507mg) and colloidal micro silica*, tripotassium citrate, selenomethionine, capsule shell: hypromellose

* In this combination previously described as potassium silica hydride™ / Hydride: ionised active hydrogen

The presentation in gastro-resistant cellulose capsules avoids an interference with the gastric acid and guarantees the full absorption by the release of the active complex in the alkaline small intestine.

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New-H ® night    in the evening and at night – with calming magnesium

Active, negatively charged Hydrogen is the world’s strongest antioxidant and has the highest redox potential (ORP)

Its Microclusters are stabilised in a mineral complex.

For cell protection against free radicals and cell energy.

60 capsules (42g)

We also offer New-H ® day for the morning and during the day – with stimulating potassium as well as a combination pack with New-H ® day and New-H ® night

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