Book: The Protein Revolution! MAP – Master Amino Acid Pattern by Lars Johansson

Book: The Protein Revolution! MAP – Master Amino Acid Pattern by Lars Johansson

The Protein Revolution!

MAP – Master Amino Acid Pattern
The discovery of the human amino acid pattern and its significance for protein nutrition

by Lars Johansson

This book discusses one of the most startling discoveries in nutritional science from the last few decades: the discovery of the ideal amino acid profile for humans, as researched by the extraordinary scientist and doctor Prof. med. Maurizio Lucà-Moretti together with his colleagues from the International Nutrition Research Center (INRC). This sheds light not only on what proper protein nutrition for humans health and performance really is, but also what it could mean for healthcare, weight management diets and nutritional/physiological support in clinical and medical practice.

… and this information awaits you:

The Fundamentals

  • A brief history of amino acid research
  • The anabolic and catabolic pathway in protein metabolism
  • Re-evaluating the nutritional value of dietary protein: NNU (Net Nitrogen Utilization)

The Discovery

  • Discovery of the Master Amino Acid Pattern
  • Special characteristics of MAP

Usage and Benefits of MAP in a Healthy Diet

  • Prevention against protein deficiency: MAP in the daily diet
  • Pregnancy and problems in pregnancy
  • Children and young people
  • Vegetarians and vegans
  • Seniors
  • Weight management
  • Sports diets
  • MAP in stressful situations

Usage and Benefits of MAP in the Clinical and Medical Field

  • Overcoming protein deficiency: MAP in different illnesses
  • Immune weakness and iron deficiency anemia
  • Increased blood sugar level and diabetes
  • Kidney and liver failure
  • Bowel problems
  • Cardio-vascular diseases
  • Anorexia and bulimia
  • Cachexia (emaciation) resulting from cancer, AIDS, Parkinson´s, etc.
  • Osteoporosis
  • Tabular overview: MAP´s mechanism of action when replacing dietary protein

FAQs- answered by Prof. Dr. med. Lucà-Moretti

Recommended intake of MAP

  • Metabolic programs
  • Different situations in life


  • Weight loss – Health – Vegetarianism – Age
  • Amateur- and competitive sport – High performance sport

Interview: Lars Johansson in conversation with Dr. Heinz Reinwald, alternative practitioner

“The first time in the history of mankind we have the chance to feed with a high protein diet of 
MAP (Master Amino Acid Pattern)even people suffering from a liver or kidney diseases without burdening their detoxifying organs with waste of the protein metabolism.”

ISBN 978-1-907469-15-2
Softcover; 1. Edition 2014 in English
Publisher: Information4Life; 274 pages
Language: English
Size and/or weight: 23,7 x 20,3 x 1,6 cm / 946 g

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  • Book: The Protein Revolution! MAP – Master Amino Acid Pattern by Lars Johansson
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This book turns current teachings on the protein metabolism upside down.

ISBN 978-1-907469-15-2

1. Edition 2014 in English

274 pages